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Friday, 01 March 2013 03:56

A Collector's Collector

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a collector as someone who “collects or gathers together…specimens, works of art, curiosities…[and] items of interest because of [their] excellence, rarity, etc.” It would be much more efficient to simply refer the reader to Peter Tillou. With houses in Litchfield, Connecticut, Sanibel Island, Florida, and Sun Valley, Idaho, brimming with collections of American and European furniture and paintings, folk art and Dutch Old Masters, Chinese Tang and Han ceramics, ancient bronzes, arms and armor, African carvings, American glass, contemporary art, and pre-Columbian pottery, not to mention garages full of vintage classic cars, Tillou’s eclectic approach to assembling objects creates environments that are a wonderfully refreshing juxtaposition of times, places, and styles.

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