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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Three New Books Will Explore the Work of Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer's 'The Wine Glass.' Johannes Vermeer's 'The Wine Glass.' Wikimedia Commons

Nearly 350 years after his death, Johannes Vermeer continues to inspire and fascinate artists, art lovers, and art scholars alike. The Dutch Golden Age painter is the subject of three forthcoming books—Vermeer, by the Dutch and Flemish art expert Wayne Franits and published by Phaidon; Looking Over Vermeer’s Shoulder, an ebook by the painter and art historian Jonathan Janson; and Vermeer: The Complete Works by Karl Schütz, Director of the Gemäldegalerie, Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Published by Taschen, The Complete Works features the highest quality reproductions of the artist’s paintings ever to appear in print.

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